What's the meaning of Home-Schooling?

Home-Schooling is an 'American thing' and stands for a special way of education: Teaching children at home. That means for parents to do their own teaching or rather to be responsible for the education of their children. The lessons will be held at a "school at home", which can be everything from the own apartment to many other possibilities. The classes can be held, for example, in the open air or a special school; the main thing is to teach the children corresponding to their age. Their knowledge will be tested at a later date. In case of failing, the child has to change to a public school in the following year. As to that there are also completely different views and handling, dependent on the country.
Originally, everything started with Home-Schooling. In the past, public schools etc. didn't exist; the privilege of learning was reserved, for example, to the rich, the scientists and so on, with little exceptions. Everything was passed on by father to son or by master craftsman to trainee; that's how knowledge and skills got transmitted. Not until the nationalization, education became possible for everyone.

The fool thing concerning Home-Schooling is that if it doesn't function, the number of illiterates will grow again rapidly. That's the point why only a few people choose this alternative to nationalized education.

But in case it SHOULD function, Home-Schooling can be an effecting and efficient way of improving and consolidating the interests of the children. However, the well-being of the children is every time in the foreground.